Market Reports



There was a total yarding of 1450 head at Singleton this week, 50 head less than last week’s sale. 


Numbers decreased and on average the quality in the penning was lower, week-on-week. The majority were younger cattle, with the vealers well represented while approximately 360 cows were offered.
The market was cheaper throughout most categories, however the better finished heavy weight cows sold at similar prices compared to the previous market.
The over 200kg vealer steers returning to the paddock decreased 10c and made from 150c to 274c/kg. The same weight heifer portion also to the restockers averaged 10c cheaper, however, the better bred pens only eased 6c with prices ranging from 138c to 228c/kg.
The better bred yearling steers to feed declined 10c, however overall the plainer drafts caused greater losses with prices making from 206c to 284c while those to the restockers reached 278c/kg.
The heavier yearling steers to feed averaged 265c after topping at 274c/kg. The yearling heifers averaged 4c to 9c cheaper with those to the restockers and feeder orders receiving from 148c to 226c/kg.
The prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers reached 318c/kg.
The grown steers to the processors sold from 218c to 236c as the heifers reached 222c/kg.
The plainer 1 fat score cows to the processor and lot feeder orders trended 20c cheaper as the 2 scores to the same orders remained firm to 8c cheaper and sold from 140c to 186c/kg.
The better covered heavy weights sold a few cents either side of firm, however the better muscled drafts eased 10c with prices making from 180c to 210c/kg.
The highest yielding heavy weight bull reached 250c/kg.