Market Reports


There was a total of 770 head yarded at HRLX this week, 230 head more than last weeks sale.
Numbers lifted considerably with the breed and quality fair to good. The majority were younger cattle and suitable for the restockers and feeder orders as approximately 90 cows were penned. The bulk of the younger cattle entered the vealer categories with the yearling heifers scarce in the pens.
The over 200kg vealer steers to the restockers eased slightly and sold from 388c to 494c/kg.
The same weight heifer portion also to the restockers was several cents a kilo cheaper and ranged from 362c to 440c/kg.
The yearling steers to feed and the restockers reduced 8c with the medium weights receiving from 378c to 402c/kg.
The best of the yearling heifers to the restockers reached 410c/kg.
The prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers struggled to maintain firm prices however the best still reached 428c/kg.
The grown steers and heifers trended cheaper however the heifer portion to the restockers sold to strong competition and reached 366c/kg.
Cows trended 7c cheaper with the plainer 2 scores making from 245c to 276c and up to 290c/kg to the restockers.
The better covered heavy weights ranged from 284c to 300c/kg.
The best heavy weight bull reached 270c/kg.